For several years, in the month of October, the Yarbroughs visit New York.  In 2011, the trip involves a walk from the Theater District to Central Park, past Rockefeller Center, and into the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art.






Spending a day in New York can be inexpensive once you get past the cost of air fare and a place to stay.

The New York Metropolitan Museum’s massive structure intimidates a first time visitor but being there once creates the wish to be there again.

So much to see in one day with little time to catalogue; so the goal this year is to wander through a maze of exhibits and take pictures of what seduces imagination.  Next year, a resolution is to make more sense of this immersion in art and history.

Statues of human figures, carved in 27 B.C., are so detailed and life like that they seem capable of stepping off their pedestals to tell visitors of their lives in antiquity.

This sculpture of Dionysius illustrates an ancient artist’s ability to transform a block of rock into a work of art.

Venturing into another room of exhibits, the visitor is transported to a different era, different culture, and a different form of art.  Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas are on display a few steps from the Roman and Greek exhibition.

Artist materials are different because the environment is different.

Ceremonial dugouts with elaborate wood carvings are tributes to an island culture that venerated art with the same creative energy as the Greeks and Romans.

These 12 to 15 foot tall wood statues are intricately carved, phallic symbols of something mysterious and titillating.

These figures below seem to run the gamut from familial to amusing to royal.

Next, off to the classic and modern art section of the museum.  There is a mixture of feelings in seeing the paintings of renowned artists from Van Gogh, Picasso, Mondrian, Pollock, and Warhohl to so many names that are well known but poorly appreciated because of one’s aesthetic limitations.  Putting ignorance aside, who can look and not be amazed by the geometry, beauty, and color of these paintings?


There is an eclectic collection of art at the Museum.  No imagination goes un-tickled by one of the Museum’s galleries.

This is only a glimpse of what  New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art has to offer.    Georgia O’keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz Exhibition

Next October cannot come too  soon. This is a “don’t miss it” experience.







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