By Chet Yarbrough

April 15, 2012 

Visiting and living in Las Vegas are two different experiences.

In past posts, readers have seen a Las Vegas that appeals to many people who live here; i.e. the great outdoors–year-round sunshine, lack of hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, and other cataclysms.  But, for locals and visitors alike, great live entertainment is an automobile, bus, train, or plane ride away.


Frankie Moreno is a newcomer to the Las Vegas strip but his performance reminds one of how great it is to see new talent rival old Las Vegas’ superstars like Frank Sinatra, and Dean Martin.  This is not to say entertainers like Marino are parroting the Sinatras and Martins of the past, i.e. new entertainers are creating their own legends.  Marino’s songs, instrumental skill, and team of professional musicians thrills anyone lucky enough to catch a live performance.


A live performance by Marie Osmond at the Flamingo in Las Vegas exposes the ignorance one can have of a spectacular performer.  Osmond’s routine covers all the genres of a singing performance.  She calls herself “a little bit country” but her singing talents range from blues to opera to the bright lights of a Broadway musical.  Her voice and self-effacing personality are a fresh breeze in an egocentric business.


Guy Laliberte is P. T. Barnum’s reincarnation in the world.


Laliberte is the “father” and CEO of Cirque du Soleil.  Las Vegas could easily be classified as the center of the Cirque du Soleil’ world because of the many shows produced and performed here.  Laliberte’s productions span the globe; i.e. something like 40 countries in the world.  Every show is an astounding athletic and sensory experience.  Cirque du Soleil performances re-invent visions of reality. Currently, there are seven shows to choose from in Las Vegas; subjects from Criss Angel’ magic to Beatle’s Love to the sensual side of life in Zumanity play on the Las Vegas strip.

As noted in other posts, the addition of the Performing Arts Center in Las Vegas old town is icing on a live performance cake; particularly for local residents.  This is not to discourage visitors from attending live performances at the Center but, like planning a trip to New York, wisdom suggests making reservations far in advance.Their first theater production at the Performing Arts Center of “The Color Purple” was sold out for all performances.


The next live performance experience for this reviewer is the Performing Arts Center Cabaret featuring Clint Holmes.


The New York Times reviewed Holmes’ performance and said, “The excitement of Las Vegas and the sophistication of Manhattan merged on Tuesday evening at Café Carlyle, where Clint Holme’s  stirring new show, ‘This Thing Called Love,’ saluted the songs of Cole Porter and Paul Simon.”

Welcome to Las Vegas.

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